What is Flocknote Complete?

Flocknote Complete is an all-in-one software solution now available for a flat-rate price of $75 / month (no matter the size of your church.) With Flocknote Complete you can:

  • Keep track of more important information about your members with unlimited custom profile fields
  • Allow members to sign up their entire household to your Church with Family and Visitor Registration
  • Organize family members in household groupings
  • Connect communications between children and their parents with Proxy-Contacts
  • Track your church's giving with exportable data and automatic tax receipts
  • Raise funds quicker than ever with campaigns and pledge tracking
  • Track attendance, sacrament prep, and more with our supercharged spreadsheets feature called Boards
  • ...and so much more! See a full list of features here!

🎉 Now with Flocknote Complete your church will receive a FREE subscription to Word on Fire ENGAGE! Click here to learn more.

To make this all-in-one solution affordable for all churches, no matter their size, the additional cost of Flocknote Complete is a flat-rate cost of just $75/month. This cost is added to the base price of your network which is still calculated by the number of members in your network each month.

Learn more by attending our monthly live demo or rewatch a previously recorded Flocknote Complete demo at any time. Just visit flocknote.com/webinar

Ready to jump in? Select Upgrade Now from the Flocknote Complete splash on your dashboard or from the billing section of your network:

Billing section
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