What is Flocknote People?

Flocknote People is an optional add-on subscription to your existing Flocknote network that unlocks bonus member-management features like: customizable profile fields, giving tracking, attendance & participation tracking, parental contacts...and so much more! See a full list of features at Flocknote.com/people!

Flocknote People is your fully functional, advanced member database, available as an optional add-on subscription to your existing Flocknote network for a flat-rate price of $39 / month (no matter the size of your church.) Flocknote People includes:

  • unlimited custom profile fields for keeping track of more important information about your members
  • family and visitor registration that will allow members to sign up their entire household to your Church.
  • the ability to organize family members in household groupings
  • the ability to connect communications between children and their parents with Proxy-Contacts
  • giving tracking with exportable data and automatic tax receipts
  • campaign and pledge tracking to help you raise funds quicker than ever
  • a supercharged spreadsheets feature called Boards for attendance, sacrament prep tracking, and more
  • the ability to add documents and remarks to member profiles
  • advanced filtering capabilities

Learn more by attending our monthly live demo of Flocknote People or rewatch a previously recorded demo at any time. Just visit flocknote.com/webinar

If you've already enabled Flocknote People on your network, check out this 3-minute basic intro video to get you up to speed quickly. For more info, check out some of the guides at the bottom of the page. 

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