How to Use Boards

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You've asked, and we've delivered! Boards offer attendance and participation tracking features. Use Boards for church attendance, sacrament prep, VBS registration, and school attendance—there are countless ways to use Boards for your member-management needs!

In this article:

Make a new Board:

Select one of your groups from the lefthand sidebar and click on the Boards tab. If it's your first time creating a Board within this group, you'll click the big blue Make a New Board button. If you've already created a board within a group, you can just hover over the (+) icon and you can click the New Board button. 

Create a new column within a Board: 

Hover over any of the column titles until a (+) icon appears. Click it and it will allow you to customize the name and the type of that column. Click Save and it will create that column to the right of the existing column. 

There are three options for a Column:

  1. New
  2. Existing
  3. Profile Field

Please note: Once a column is made, you will not be able to change the column type (text/checkbox/number). Instead, if you need to change the column type, you will want to delete the column and create a new one. 

Create a New Column:

This option allows you to create a new column from scratch. You can choose the type (checklist, text, number). For example - A checklist for attendance with the title being the event or date (the total will tally at the bottom of the board), text for information like emergency contacts and phone numbers, and a number column for payments or amount owed (the total will tally at the bottom and side of the board).

Sharing Existing Columns Between Boards:

If you want to share an existing column you've created between boards, you can do so by selecting the + icon to add a column. From there, select Existing on the pop-up menu which will allow you to choose from different groups and boards with existing columns. That way if you want to share attendance or a column for forms you can!

Integrating Profile Fields with Columns on a Board:

Inputting and tracking data on your members is even easier with the ability to integrate Profile Fields with columns. Now you can add existing profile fields which will auto-populate with existing data, as well as update a member's profile when you input new data into that field.

Example: You have an existing profile field for allergies, you add that to your column and it auto-populates with the information that is already on file. You can now see all of that information and add new information to members which will update your board and their profile.

Edit, delete, or filter a column within a Board: 

Hover over any of the column titles until a stacked lines icon appears. Click it and it will allow you to filter, check/uncheck all (if that column is a checkbox column), move the column to the right/left, or delete. 

Filter and perform actions on a Board: 

There are two ways to filter a Board. 1) You can filter based on that specific Board's column data that you've entered. 2) You can also filter based on criteria on members' profiles, like personal info, contact info, groups, etc. Then, click the big purple Action button to perform actions like exporting, sending a text, sending an email, adding members to a group, etc. Learn more about the functions of the Filter & Bulk Action tool with the article at the bottom of the page. 

↓ See specific use cases for Boards in the articles at the bottom of the page. ↓

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