Using Flocknote For Religious Education

We've seen churches use Flocknote for so many creative and innovative ways. Since releasing Flocknote People, we've seen an uptick in parishes using the tool for their religious education programs. If you're looking for information on how this can be done, you've come to the right place! 

How can I use my regular Flocknote subscription for religious education?

Great question! Flocknote's capability to segment your members into groups and subgroups makes it easy to add people to groups based on the class they are in. You can assign religious education teachers/catechists as Group Admins, so they can access the contact info for the members (or parents of children) in their class. Here is an example of how this can be organized.

Using your regular Flocknote subscription, you can send text messages or emails to members regarding classroom changes, cancellations, reminders to bring materials or that signed permission slip, and so much more! 

What about Flocknote People? Would having this add-on be helpful for religious education?

Absolutely! You can take things to the next level for managing your religious education program using Flocknote People. You can track sacramental records, add private remarks about food allergies or household relationships, track students' t-shirt sizes, conduct registration, and more. We're barely scratching the surface here!

Which features of Flocknote People are most useful for religious education?

Custom profile fields to track literally any type of information needed from your students and/or their parents, documents to keep records on file (whether sacramental or a simple permission slip), remarks to track specific, relevant details on a student or parent. The sky is the limit!

Can you share some benefits of using Flocknote People for religious education? 

You betcha! 

  • Information is stored in a safe-environment compliant way
  • The information is available for following years, and can be exported and imported to new groups, so parents don't have to fill out a new form every year 
  • Save paper (and costs of printing!)
  • Parents can update their information as well as student information anytime throughout the year (address, numbers, allergies, etc.)
  • Admins can filter by custom profile fields to see who has not completed information, and target parents and student to complete forms or missing information
  • All communication happens on Flocknote, so it's easy to text and email parents quickly about completing forms, updating them about classes and easy for teachers and facilitators as well 

This sounds amazing! How do I get started?

If you already have a Flocknote network, you can get started by adding the Flocknote People trial to your network using the splash page on your Dashboard. If you don't yet have a network, head to to create one, then add Flocknote People using this splash page on your Dashboard.

Our team of Happiness Engineers is here to help walk you through setting this up in a way that works best for your parish. Because of the customizable nature of Flocknote People, there are many ways to use the various features, and we're just an email away if you need a hand! You can reach us at :)

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