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Flocknote FAQs


New to flocknote? Here are some answers you might find helpful.

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Flocknote People

How to use the member management features in Flocknote People

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Info on how your members can Join or be added to your Groups

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Groups & Members

Have questions about managing or working with your groups or members? Check here!

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Helpful info for sending emails and text messages in flocknote

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Have questions about billing or how to update your credit card? Check here.

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Security and Privacy

Questions about security and privacy using flocknote? Check here.

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Study Programs

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Looking for your church or org?

Find your Church or Org

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Resources & Blog

Our Blog & Other Helpful Resources

A few things to help you use flocknote well!

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All the fine print if you'd like to read it.

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