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Flocknote 101

Getting Started

Start here to get started and learn the ropes quickly!

13 articles

Group & Admin Setup

Create unlimited groups, assign unlimited admins.

12 articles

Adding Members

Host a Signup Sunday, add individual members, or import in bulk with ease!

7 articles

Email & Text Basics

Master the 2 smartest ways to reach your flock.

28 articles

Pre-made Content & Templates

Easily take your communications to the next level.

12 articles

Signups, Events, and Polls

Registrations, RSVPs, polls, surveys, and more!

12 articles

Pricing & Billing

We promise we won't pull the wool over your eyes.

11 articles

Resources & Promotion

Promotional materials, shareables, & inspiration

15 articles

Flocknote People

Intro to People Management

Church database that puts communications first!

14 articles

Giving & Financial Tracking

With Flocknote People, financial record-keeping is simple!

9 articles


Built-in attendance & participation tracking

6 articles

Flocknote Fund It

Intro to Fund It

Get started with online church giving that's fast, friendly, & secure

6 articles

How to Fundraise

Text-to-Give, Reply-to-Give, Smart Buttons, and more!

7 articles

Donor Management

Merchant Center, user wallets, bookkeeping, and exports

9 articles

Fund It Resources & Promotion

Resources to help you explain and promote online giving with Fund It at your church.

8 articles

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