How do I use the filter and bulk action tool?

To use the Filter and Bulk Action Tool:

Click on the People tab for any group, followed by the purple filter button.

You will then have the option to sort your members based on several factors. Click on one of the options in the dropdown to filter based on the specific information.

  • Personal info - filter members based on any information they have in their profile, such as name or (if you're using Flocknote People) any extended profile fields. 
  • Contact info - filter members based on notification preferences, such as who will or won't receive a text, who has turned off email notifications, or who has unverified contact info.
  • Groups - find members based on when they were added to a group, or based on groups they are subscribed to.
  • Households (available for those networks using Flocknote People) - see who is part of a household, or head of a household
  • Giving (available for those networks using Flocknote People) -- filter based on the amount given, number of gifts, and envelope numbers 

A menu will slide on the right side of the screen. Here is where you can choose your criteria and if needed, construct an "and/or" filter. This will able you to narrow down your search for more specific criteria.

You will then have the option to bulk select these members and click on the purple Actions button to: 

  • Add them to another group
  • Remove them from that particular group (if you are working within a specific group and not in your Everyone group)
  • Remove them from the network
  • Add them to an email or text note
  • Here, you'll also see an option to save the filter (available for those networks using Flocknote People).

You also have the option to only select a few members out of those that show as matching your filtering by either (1) clicking the checkmark off for those who you do not want to include in your bulk action, or (2) by clicking the top checkbox so that all members are no longer selected, and then selecting those you will like to edit using the bulk action. To clear the filter, click on the grey Clear button in the top right corner of the filter menu.

Please note: The ability to send a note to members you've filtered is limited to 50 members. If you want to send a note to over 50 members, you'll simply need to create a new group, use the Filter & Bulk Action tool to add them to a new group, and then send a note to that group as you normally would. 

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