Campaigns and Pledge Tracking

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This article showcases some features available only for those who have the add-on subscription of Flocknote People for people management, and/or those who have enabled Flocknote Fund It for church fundraising & giving. Learn more about these powerful add-ons here!


Creating a Campaign             Pledge Tracking
Invite Members to Pledge      Pledge Confirmation & Reminder Emails
How to Make a Pledge

With our Campaign and Pledge Tracking feature (available now as part of Flocknote P, you can easily create a campaign for one of your funds and start tracking pledges in just minutes!

How To Create a Campaign

To create a new Campaign, simply open a fund (or create a new one) then click the thermometer icon and select New Campaign. Add all your necessary details and hit Create Campaign. Easy peasy!🍋

Pledge Tracking

For churches subscribed to our Flocknote People add-on, your members will be able to pledge towards your campaigns.

As your members begin making pledges, you'll be able to track the progress of your campaign and pledges! You can instantly view:

  1. The Campaign total
  2. Total amount pledged
  3. Total pledges fulfilled
  4. Unpledged gifts given

You can easily edit your campaign details and enable pledges by clicking the cogwheel icon on your campaign. Simply select the box Allow members to pledge towards this campaign.

Pledge Confirmation & Reminder Emails

By default, when members pledge to give, they will instantly be sent a confirmation email that confirms the details of the pledge (campaign name & description, pledge amount & frequency, pledge start & end date).

If you select the Send members pledge reminder emails checkbox (see image above), the Heads of Households will also receive scheduled reminder emails for their household's pledges.

  • Weekly pledges – reminders are sent 3 days before the pledge due date (based on start date & interval)
  • Monthly pledges – reminders are sent 7 days and then also 2 days before the pledge due date (based on start date & interval)
  • One-time pledges – reminders are sent 7 days and then also 2 days before the pledge due date (based on end date)

If you click the Edit Reminder Email button, you can adjust some of the main text of the email, and even include a call-to-action button that links to whatever website you prefer. Please note that this affects both the instant confirmation email, as well as any scheduled reminder emails.

Members can unsubscribe from pledge reminder emails at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of these emails and/or adjusting their notification settings within the Groups tab on their profile. They will still receive any initial confirmation emails.

Invite Members to Make a Pledge

There are a couple of handy ways you can invite your members to make a pledge .

For members within your Flocknote account, you can easily send them a button to make a pledge! Simply open the Note Composer and choose whichever group or individual you would like to send a message to. Then, using our Smart Button feature, select Pledge to a Campaign and select your Campaign. All members who receive that note will be able to instantly click over to make a pledge in just seconds! 

For members outside your Flocknote account, you can easily share a link to your public Pledge Page! Simply click the cogwheel icon on your Campaign and click the Copy button beneath the Pledge Page link.

Simply copy and paste this link on your social media pages, your church website, or wherever you like! Anyone who clicks it will be able to make a pledge AND will get added to your Flocknote account so you can keep communicating with them!

How To Make a Pledge

Making a pledge is super easy and only takes a few seconds! Whether your members receive an email with a button or click the link you put on your website, they will be taken to the Pledge Page where they can make their pledge in a jiffy! If a member is already within Flocknote and received an email inviting them to make a pledge, the system will recognize them!

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