Supercharge your church's giving & finance tracking with Flocknote People + Fund It

Flocknote People is an optional add-on subscription to your existing Flocknote network that unlocks people-management features like customizable profile fields, giving tracking, attendance & participation tracking, parental contacts...and so much more. Learn more!

Fund It is an optional add-on to an existing Flocknote network that enables secure payment processing. Raise money for your church in minutes! Learn more!

Do I need Flocknote People to have Fund It and vice versa?

No, both of these are completely optional add-ons to an existing Flocknote network, so you can enable one, neither, or both depending on what your church needs! But because they work together seamlessly, combining the advanced people-management and giving tracking features of Flocknote People with the payment processing capabilities of Fund It gives you an optimal experience and seriously supercharges your church’s giving, fundraising, and financial record-keeping. ⚡️ 

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