Monitoring Giving Activity

How do I view my church’s overall giving activity?

You can monitor church giving activity via the Flocknote Giving page. This page will include any Online Giving activity + any giving transactions manually logged or imported (including cash/check gifts). For more advanced giving tracking and filtering capabilities, we highly recommend also enabling the add-on subscription of Flocknote People to supercharge your people management! Learn more here.

To download Deposit Reports, which give you a full breakdown all the transactions in each deposit made to your bank, visit the Giving page and click on Deposit Reports along the right side of the screen. Use these reports to reconcile with your accounting software. Learn more about Deposit Reports here.

Additionally, the Merchant Center will show exclusively Online Giving activity, including more advanced details like settlements, reports of chargebacks, etc. To access this, visit the Giving page and click the settings cogwheel icon found at the top of your page (may be on the left or right side depending on your window size.) Once clicked you will find a blue Go to Merchant Center button on the next page shown.

For your security, you will be prompted to supply a code that we will automatically text to the cell phone number on your profile. When that code is entered, you will be transferred to the third-party site of WePay by JPMorgan Chase. 

How do I view Text-to-Give activity?

Text-to-Give can be set up on an individual fund basis within the fund settings for a fund. On the Giving page, you can select a fund and from there you'll see which donations have been made via Text-to-Give (and which keyword) noted by these tags:

How do I view Reply-to-Give activity?

Reply-to-Give is enabled on an individual note basis. You can open each note to see how much has been fundraised (and from whom). 

Also, on the Giving page, you can select a fund and from there you'll see which donations have been made via Reply-to-Give noted by these icons:

Who has access to the Merchant Center?

The Merchant Center is only visible and accessible by Super Admins with a verified email address, a verified phone number, and privileges (via their member profile) to both input and view giving data

Anyone attempting to visit the Merchant Center will be required to enter a secure code texted to the phone number on their profile (but only if they have met the criteria listed above). Once that code is entered, they will be transferred to the secure Merchant Center hosted by WePay.

If you have any questions once on this third-party site, please do not contact WePay. Instead, contact us directly at A Happiness Engineer is standing by to help. :)

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