Basic Payment Troubleshooting: Accidental Transactions, Missing Receipts & Refunds

Accidental Transactions

Mistakes happen, so should a giver make a transaction by mistake, we give them options to modify or cancel their transactions easily within a grace period window.

  • The standard grace window to modify or cancel a transaction is around 5 minutes after the payment is made.
  • The grace window for Reply-to-Give is 5 minutes after a reply is sent, or 15 minutes after the link in the auto-reply text is clicked.
  • The grace window for Text-to-Give is 5 minutes after the reply text is sent, or 15 minutes if the link is clicked.

Missing Receipts

Flocknote will automatically send receipts to donors for any payments made through our online giving features. Learn more about donor receipts for payments here. If for any reason you or your members do not receive a receipt but need one, please email and we'd be glad to provide that for you.


If a member has made an accidental transaction and it is not modified or canceled within the grace window, they can contact and we are happy to connect them with an admin with the necessary privileges who can initiate the refund via the Merchant Center. Please note that refunds are non-reversible. Refunds can be made within 60 days of the transaction in the Merchant Center. If you are hoping to refund a payment that was made over 60 days ago please contact Please note, that although the Flocknote team can help with refunds for payments beyond 60 days, refunds cannot be made after 1 year of the transaction date.

To do this:

Locate the transaction via the Merchant Center. Once located, click the dropdown arrow to expand the transaction. Then, select the Issue Refund blue button. It will ask you to confirm the refund, and then it will initiate the refund accordingly.

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