Fund It Admin Permissions

This help article relates specifically to Fund It admin permissions. For a refresher on all other Flocknote privileges & permissions, click here!

Which admins get permissions with Fund It?

To give you context, Fund It notes are emails that allow for sending a Smart Button (that is connected to a fund and can prompt fundraising) OR a text message that has Reply-to-Give enabled. You can enable anyone that already has note-sending privileges (Super Admins, Group Admins, or Note Senders) to be able to send Fund It notes. 

By default, when you enable Fund It, all Super Admins will be given all 3 of these additional permissions. These permissions can be removed on an admin-by-admin basis if needed. Moving forward, if any member is made a Super Admin they will be automatically given these Fund It permissions. (The same exception from above applies: if the member happens to be made a Super Admin by a current Super Admin who has had one of these privileges removed, they will not receive that privilege by default, but it could be added manually by a Super Admin who does have that privilege.)

By default, when you enable Fund It, all current and future Group Admins will be given the ability to send Fund It notes; these can be manually removed on an individual basis by a Super Admin with Fund It note-sending permissions if needed. Additionally, the added permissions for viewing & inputting giving data can be manually added if needed as well.

Note Senders will not be automatically given the ability to send Fund It notes when you enable Fund It. These can be added on an individual basis by a Super Admin with Fund It note-sending privileges.

If Reply-to-Give is enabled for a note, Super Admins and Group Admins with Fund It note permissions will be able to see all the donations given for notes within groups they manage (that's all groups for Super Admins).

Got Flocknote People?

Just a friendly note that if your network already has Flocknote People enabled, enabling Fund It will not change the viewing & inputting giving data permissions for the current Super Admins. Those will be left as is, but the current Super Admins and Group Admins will be given the ability to send Fund It notes. 👍

Which admins can give/remove Fund It note permissions?

Only Super Admins that can already send Fund It notes can give or remove those permissions from others. 

Who has access to the Merchant Center?

The Merchant Center is only visible and accessible by Super Admins with a verified email address, a verified phone number, and permissions (via the Info tab on their member profile) to both input and view giving data. Anyone attempting to visit the Merchant Center will be required to enter a secure code texted to the phone number on their profile (but only if they have met the criteria listed above). Once that code is entered, they will be transferred to the secure Merchant Center hosted by WePay.

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