Admin Levels in Flocknote Explained

🔐 There are 3 levels of admin privileges within Flocknote. 

There are Super Admins, Group Admins, and Note Senders. You can have an unlimited number of each admin level. Each admin will create their own separate login and will see their differing levels of privilege reflected automatically when they log in (after Super Admins have assigned those privileges). Continue reading and check out the articles at the bottom of the page for more info!

Super Admins 

Wield this power wisely -- Super Admins can do anything and everything on your network. They can see the contact info of all members and contact them individually or in bulk. Additionally, they can make changes to your network settings, add and remove groups, add and remove members from any groups, and make any other changes to all groups. They can see all replies (even private) for all notes. They also have the power to extend admin privileges, meaning they can make anyone on the network a fellow Super Admin, Group Admin, or Note Sender as needed. 

Group Admins 

Group Admins can see full names and contact info, manage members, send notes to individuals or the group as a whole, and change settings within their designated group (and only for that group). They can see all replies (even private) for notes sent within their group. They also have the ability to extend privileges, meaning they can make anyone from their group a fellow Group Admin or Note Sender (but only for that group). 

Note Senders

Note Senders can create and send notes to the designated group as a whole, but cannot see any contact info, manage members, or change group settings. They can only see public replies to notes sent within their group. Because they cannot see the full names or contact info of members within the group, they cannot extend admin privileges or send messages to specific individuals. 

(Regular Members)

Regular members are NOT admins. They cannot see anyone else's full name or contact info and cannot send outgoing messages; they can simply reply to messages sent to them. They can only see public replies to notes sent to groups they are a part of. 

Please note: Additionally, anyone on the network (regardless of if they are a Super Admin, Group Admin, Note Sender, or regular member) can be given additional billing privileges. By default, all Super Admins are given this privilege unless removed. Also, if your network has the add-on subscription of Flocknote People, you can designate members to be able to see or edit giving data as well. These permissions are found within the "Info" tab of each member's profile:

For more info, check out the articles at the bottom of the page. ↓

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