Do all admins need to create their own login? Or do I share my login with all of my admins?

So you've created your network (nice work!), created your groups (5 stars for you!), and designated your admins (you're on a roll!). Now you may be wondering how to make sure those admins are all squared away. 

Once you've designated an admin to a group (read more about different admin levels and how to designate admins in the related articles below), they'll need to create their login info. We don't recommend admins sharing a login--we suggest that all admins create their own password associated with their profile.

For starters, new admins should head over to

Then, they can enter the email address on file and click Reset or create a password below the big blue Sign In button. Please note: the email address entered here must be the email address that was added in the system. 

After that, click the yellow Reset my password button, and follow the prompts from there. We'll send the admin a link to create their password, and they'll be off to the races!

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