Do all admins need to create their own login? Or do I share my login with all of my admins?

So you've created your network (nice work!), created your groups (5 stars for you!), and designated your admins (you're on a roll!). Now you may be wondering how to make sure those admins are all squared away. 🧐 The good news is that it's super easy! 

Once you've added a person to your network and given them admin privileges (read more about different admin levels and how to designate admins in the related articles below), they'll each log in with their own unique contact info, so no one will need to share a login. 

One of the amazing benefits of Flocknote is that members do not need to create a password in order to log in! After they've signed up (or an admin has manually added them to the Flocknote network), they'll simply visit (or your church's unique Flocknote web URL) and enter the contact info that they're in the network with. We'll then send them a link or code (via email or text depending on the contact info they provide) to log in instantly – no password required! The best part? Going password-less is actually the most secure way to log in. Super easy. Super secure

Please note: the email address or phone number they enter must be the same info that is already added to the system.

Once they have logged in for the first time, they can always create a password if they prefer (learn more about that in the articles at the bottom of the page), but it is not needed. Rest assured, logging in via our secure links is the easiest and safest way to log in. 👍

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