How do I log out?

Log out on one device OR for an extra layer of security, you can also log out of all of your devices in one fell swoop. Read more below!

To log out on one device:

 When logged into Flocknote, you will see this icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen:

Click it and then select Log out of Flocknote from the dropdown options:

This will log you out of Flocknote from that particular device. 👍

To log out of ALL your devices:

First, you'll need to access your individual profile. If you are a Super Admin, select the " ---" gray button and then select My Info.

If you are a Group Admin, Note Sender, or a regular member, you can get to your profile by selecting this person icon:

Once your profile opens, go to the Info tab and select the Log Out All Devices button. 

This button is only visible to you, no matter your admin privileges. You will not able to log anyone else out and they cannot log you out.

Once clicked, any sessions logged into Flocknote on any device will be logged out. Super secure. Super easy!

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