How do I create / reset my password?

A new password-less way to log in!

One of the amazing benefits of Flocknote is that you do not need to create a password in order to log in! After you've signed up for your church, you'll simply visit (or your church's unique Flocknote web URL) and enter the contact info that you signed up with. We'll send you a link or code to log in instantly – no password required! The best part? Going password-less is actually the most secure way to log in. Super easy. Super secure.

↑ If you provide your email address, you'll be sent an email with a linked yellow button. If you provide your phone number, you'll be texted a unique numerical code to enter on the login screen.

Already created a password and need to reset it?

Rest assured, going password-less is actually the most secure way to log in. But if you've already created a password and prefer logging in this route, you can reset your password at any time:

1. Log in via the password-less method FIRST. To do this, provide the email address or phone number you are in the network with, click the yellow button to send the secure login link (via text or email depending on the contact info you provide), and then click the link to log in.
2. Once logged in, you can visit your individual profile. If you are a Super Admin, select the ' ---' gray button and then select My Info.

If you are a Group Admin, Note Sender, or a regular member, you can get to your profile by selecting this person icon.

3. Once your profile opens, go to the Info tab and select the Change Password button at the bottom. 

You will then be asked to provide your current password, and then provide the new password you're wanting to change to. If you do not remember your current password, you can always click the Reset my password option at the bottom and we'll email you a link to reset it. 

Have any questions? Contact the Flocknote Happiness Engineers! We'll be more than happy to help! 😊

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