How do I log in?

A friendly tip

This article will explain how to log in to Flocknote if you are already connected with your church or ministry that uses Flocknote; in other words, you're already receiving emails and texts from your church via Flocknote. 

If you're looking to connect with your church or ministry on Flocknote for the first time, please visit our Find Your Church Tool to locate & sign up for their messages first (or contact your church staff directly and they'll provide you with their unique Flocknote web URL). 

If you're an admin looking to create a new account for your church or ministry, simply visit

If you are looking for tacos, we would like some too, please. 😉

A new password-less way to log in!

One of the amazing benefits of Flocknote is that you do not need to create a password in order to log in! After you've signed up for your church, you'll simply visit (or your church's unique Flocknote web URL) and enter the contact info that you signed up with. We'll send you a link or code to log in instantly – no password required! The best part? Going password-less is actually the most secure way to log in. Super easy. Super secure.

↑ If you provide your email address, you'll be sent an email with a linked yellow button. If you provide your phone number, you'll be texted a unique numerical code to enter on the login screen.

You will be required to log in for each new device you use, but then that device will be remembered and you do not need to repeat this unless you have logged out or cleared your browser's cookies (read more about logging out with the article at the bottom of the page). 

Prefer to still log in with your existing password?

Rest assured, going password-less is actually the most secure way to log in. However, if you've already created a password and prefer logging in that traditional route, you can do that as well! Simply click the bottom white text that says Log in with a password

Need to create a new password for the first time?

Did we mention going passwordless is the most secure way to log in? While we highly recommend this, you are still welcome to create a password if you prefer:

1. Log in via the password-less method FIRST. To do this, provide the email address or phone number you are in the network with, click the yellow button to send the secure login link (via text or email depending on the contact info you provide), and then click the link to log in.
2. Once logged in, you can visit your individual profile. If you are a Super Admin, select the ' ---' gray button and then select My Info.

If you are a Group Admin, Note Sender, or a regular member, you can get to your profile by selecting the person icon.

3. When your profile opens, select the Info tab and then select the Create Password button at the bottom. Follow the prompts and from that point on, you can always log in to Flocknote via your email or phone number and that password.

But even if you've created a password, you are not locked into using it, and can always use the password-less magic links to log in any time! 

Need to switch between multiple networks? 

By using the magic login method above (whether via an emailed link or a texted code), you will automatically be logged into all networks with the same email address or phone number. 

  • If you enter your email address and opt to have a login link emailed to you, you will be automatically logged into all networks that have that email address as the primary contact email on your profile. 
  • If you enter your phone number and opt to have a code texted to you, you will automatically be logged into all networks that have that phone number as the primary contact number on your profile.
  • If you log in the traditional route with a password, you will be logged into all networks that share that same combination of email address or phone number, and password. 

Once logged in, you can switch between your multiple networks by clicking this toggle in the top lefthand corner:

Have any questions? Contact the Flocknote Happiness Engineers! We'll be more than happy to help! 😊

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