How do I set up a login?

A Kind Little Note

This article will help you set up a login if you are already connected with your church or ministry who uses Flocknote - that is you're already receiving emails and text messages from your church via Flocknote. If you're looking to connect with your church or ministry for the first time on Flocknote, please visit If you're looking to get your church or ministry started on Flocknote simply visit: If you are looking for tacos, we would like some too, please.

Never logged into Flocknote before, but you're already part of your church's network? No worries, setting up a login only takes a few seconds.

For starters, head over to

Enter your email address (or phone number, if that's all you've registered with), then click Reset or create a password below the big blue Sign In button. 

After that, click the yellow Reset my password button, and follow the prompts from there. We'll send you a link to create your password, and you'll be off to the races!

NOTE: If you haven't signed up for your church's network yet, you'll want to reach out to them first, asking them for their Flocknote URL (EX: or their Text-to-Join keyword (EX: Text HCC to 84576) 

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