How do I make someone a billing admin?

This help guide is for Super Admins and Group Admins who already have billing privileges and would like another member to have them as well. If you are a Note Sender or regular member and need to give another member privileges, please reach out to the Super Admin on the network with this guide.  By default, all Super Admins have billing privileges unless turned OFF. 

What can billing admins do? 

  • See the most recent invoices
  • Make a prepayment
  • Add or update a credit card
  • See the balance or credit on the account 

How do I give billing privileges to another member? 

  1. Select the group the member is in. If you are a Super Admin, you can find all members in the Everyone group.
  2. Select the People tab at the top. 
  3. Find the member by scrolling or searching their name/contact info. 
  4. Click on their name to open their member profile.  
  5. Click on the Info section.
  6. At the bottom, there is a checkbox to allow them those privileges. Select it and they're all set! 

Will billing admins get monthly invoice emails? 

By default, the initial creator of the network is set up as the one on file to receive monthly invoice emails. However, any billing admin can always view the billing section on your network to review the most current invoices. If you'd like to receive monthly invoice emails or ensure other billing admins receive monthly invoice emails, contact us at and we'll get that updated in a jiffy! 

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