How do I add or update my credit card? (for billing admins)

A friendly note

This article is for billing admins looking to update billing info for their Flocknote subscriptions. If you are a regular member looking to update your card to give to your church, learn how here! :)

You'll find the option to add or update the credit card on file for your church or organization's Flocknote network inside of the More menu under the Billing option. Please note, only those admins with Billing privileges will be able to update the credit card on file.

To add or update the credit card on file for your network:

  1. Click on the More menu button (It's a gray square labeled with ...)
  2. Select Billing from the menu that appears.
  3. On the Billing pop-up, select the Add or Update button from the 'Credit Card on File' section
  4. Enter your new credit card information and click the green Let's Go button to save.

Please note: If you have a balance (which will be listed at the top of the Billing pop-up), your card may be charged for the balance immediately or upon your next monthly billing cycle. If you have any questions about your billing please contact

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