How to Give & Manage Your Profile Wallet

Fund It enables easy & secure payments via debit card, credit card, or ACH (direct debits from your bank account)!

How do I add or update my credit card or ACH info to give to my church?

You can add a debit/credit card or ACH info directly to your Wallet in Flocknote to be saved for all future gifts to your church or ministry!  All members can access their Wallets by logging into Flocknote and going to their profile. 

Accessing Your Wallet

You can easily access your wallet to add or edit your credit/debit card and bank info through your profile within Flocknote. Simply click the  my info button in the footer of any Flocknote email. This will take you directly to your profile in Flocknote where you can access and adjust all your personal information including your Wallet.

The first time you click my info, you'll be taken to a Flocknote login page to receive your secure login link. We'll send you a link to log in instantly (via email or text depending on the contact info you provide). No need to set up or remember password! The best part? Once you've done this, the we'll remember your device so you'll be taken directly to your profile in the future!

Once your profile is open, simply click to open your Wallet tab where you can view your saved cards/banks and edit, delete, or add new ones!

Adding Your Credit/Debit Card

  1. Go to the Wallet tab on your member profile.
  2. Select the green Add Payment Method button and then select Credit or Debit Card.
  3. Enter your credit or debit information and hit Save!
  4. You can also choose to make this your default card, share it with other heads of your household, and give your card a nickname!

How do I set up ACH (direct debits from my bank account)?

1. Go to the Wallet tab on your member profile.
2. Select the green Add Payment Method button and then select Bank Account.
3. A popup will appear. Plaid Inc. is a 3rd party provider WePay uses for secure ACH transactions.
4. Click Continue and then select the bank account you want to use. Proceed to fill out the necessary bank information, and select either checking or savings (if given that option). Depending on the bank, you may need to supply your name and email address for receipts. 👍

5. Once that is complete, you will see the account in your Wallet
6. You can then edit the information, give it a nickname, make it your default account, and share it with other heads of your household. 

Adding payment information without logging in

One of the best parts of Fund It is there is no need to download an app, create a password, or even log in to make a donation to your church or ministry! If you don't have any payment info on file within Flocknote, you can easily follow the steps above to get that added to your account. Or, you can simply save your credit/debit card or ACH info after giving a gift for the first time!

When making a donation via your church's Fund It pages, Text-to-Give, or Reply-to-Give, you will be prompted to add payment information if you do not yet have any on file. Once you've added your info you can easily save it for future use and it will be stored in your Wallet. How easy is that?!

Who can see my profile wallet and payment information?

To ensure the privacy and security of all members, only the individual user can see any card(s) or bank account info (ACH) used or saved on their profile, regardless of their admin privilege/permission levels. The individual user has the ability, however, to share their card(s) on file with other heads of their household.

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