Donor Receipts for Online Giving

Will donors get receipts for payments?

Yes, donors will automatically be sent receipts for Online Giving donations. We will default to sending receipts via email but if they only supply their phone number (or only have a phone number on their existing profile), then we will text them the receipt. 👍

Receipts will include:
  • Church name & address
  • Dollar amount paid 
  • Specific fund & network the payment is for 
  • Last 4 digits of the giver's card number
  • Date of payment
  • Authorization code (not available for ACH payments or text receipts)
  • Transaction ID
  • How the payment will appear on their card statement (not yet available for text receipts)
  • Contact info for Flocknote's Happiness Engineers to support your members - this is the default setting but you can also add one of your staff member's emails instead (learn how below).
Email receipts will look like this: 

Text receipts will look like this:

To update the email contact on file (that receives replies to donation receipts):

  1. Click the gray ( ---) icon.  
  2. Select Settings from the dropdown. 
  3. Type in the preferred Fund It contact email, and be sure to click the green Save button.

The footer on all future email receipts will adjust to look like this example below and all replies will go straight to that email on file:

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