Member Resource: How do I know my donation is secure and is going to the correct church?

How can I ensure that my donation is going to the correct church?

At Flocknote, we take your security and privacy seriously!

If you're ever unsure if you are on the right page to give to your Church... Here are a few checkpoints you can look out for:

  • Ensure that the page has in the URL in the address bar. There will never be any variations (like flocknotes, flocknotey, flocksnote) it will always be For example  and ensure that the URL matches the Flocknote URL of your Church for example
  • Make sure that the correct photo, name, and location of your Church appear
  • Your Church may or may not have a Manage My Giving page set up, if they do, you'll be able to check for two additional things (see the second picture):
    • Your Church's website URL
    • A familiar email of an admin at your Church to reach out to
Double- check that the name of your Church and location appear at the top of the online giving page.
1. Website URL and Church name 2. Familiar Admin email at your Church

If you're ever unsure if you are on the right page - you can contact your Church staff or reach out to us at We can make sure you're in the right place so you can give securely. 👍🏼

Is my financial data safe & secure?

Flocknote offers secure payment processing through Stax Payments, Inc. so that you can donate charitable gifts or payments to your Church with peace of mind! To learn more about secure giving through Stax, click here.

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