Online Giving Safety & Security

How does Flocknote process payments? How do I know my members’ sensitive financial data is safe & secure?

Flocknote offers secure payment processing through Stax so that you can request and receive payments from your members with peace of mind. (In addition to paying via debit or credit card, your members connect their bank accounts seamlessly and securely to pay via ACH.)

PCI Compliance

Stax is a Level 1 PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standard) service provider. Level 1 is the highest level of PCI compliance (the gold standard for payment processing security) and protecting sensitive data is a top priority!

End-to-end Encryption and Tokenization

Besides PCI standards, Stax also takes a number of steps to secure cardholder data! Card information is encrypted on all processing devices and never stored after the transaction is completed. Stax’s state-of-the-art cloud architecture is constantly tested for vulnerabilities to ensure the safety and security of sensitive data. 🔐

Fraud Prevention

These days fraud is a concern for both churches and their members. Fortunately, fraud prevention is an integral part of Stax’s extensive security measures for cardholder data. Stax’s technologies proactively monitor and investigate accounts for any possible unauthorized charges.

Have additional questions about the rigorous steps that Flocknote and our third-party payment processor, Stax take to keep your data safe and secure? Reach out to us at

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