Setting Up Recurring Giving

To set up recurring giving for an existing fund, visit the Giving page and select the fund you would like to enable. Recurring giving will be turned on by default for any new funds you add to your network. Once you have selected the fund, go to Fund Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon. 

The Fund Settings popup will slide in from the right side allowing you to edit the fund. To enable recurring gifts, simply check the box next to Allow recurring gifts to this fund

Once a member makes a recurring gift, it will appear under the fund name along with any one-time gifts. Recurring gifts are indicated by an arrow circle icon in addition to the date, member name, payment type, and amount given. For more details on the recurring gifts for that fund, check out the Recurring Donations side panel. There you will find a complete list of the recurring gifts for that fund as well as details about upcoming donations. You can also export the list of the fund's recurring donations at any time by clicking the export icon!

Members can set up a recurring gift to a fund by going to that particular fund's page and selecting the box next to Make recurring. From here they can choose how often the gift occurs (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually), when it will start, and when it will end. 

If they would like to edit or cancel their recurring gift, members can go to the Giving tab in their profile and click the pencil icon. This will allow them to skip, pause, or cancel the recurring gift. 

Ready to get rolling? Download this handout with more info for your members HERE.

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