What is the Admin Update and why am I receiving it?

The Admin Update is a monthly newsletter that we send to Super Admins, Group Admins, and Note Senders with handy tips and tricks, new feature announcements, special offers, and general advice to help you get the most out of Flocknote. 

You do not have to sign up for this newsletter as it is sent automatically to all admins. If you are receiving it, that means you were made an admin for your church's network on Flocknote at one point. Regular members (non-admins) will never receive these emails. 

If you are no longer an admin and/or you think you are receiving these emails by mistake, you can unsubscribe in a jiffy! Simply click the unsubscribe button at the very bottom of the email: 

Still have questions? Just shoot us an email to help@flocknote.com and our Happiness Engineers will be happy to help! 

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