What is Reply-to-Give?

When Reply-to-Give is enabled on your text, you can craft your usual text and then also include an additional "call to action" which prompts members to give (to the fund you specify) with a simple reply!

  • If they already have a saved payment method on file this transaction will happen automatically (like in the picture above ↑). 
  • If they do not have a saved payment method on file, they can still give via this method easily; the reply text will simply include a link they can click to complete the transaction and provide the necessary info. The next time they give, it will be even easier (like in the picture above ↑).

Am I limited to a certain number of characters?

Standard texts (which are unlimited) are texts without a picture and limited to under 160 characters. Supertexts (which are an optional add-on) are texts over 160 characters and/or include an image and are limited to under 480 characters. With Reply-to-Give enabled on a text, we increase the total character limit to 220 characters for standard texts or 540 characters for SuperTexts to account for the added verbiage the system will auto-add. 👍

But what if members don't have a phone number on file? 

Just like with your other texts, members who don't have a phone number on file or who have opted out of texts can still receive your message as an email. You'll simply want to check the Delivery box before sending out your note. If you do so on a text that has Reply-to-Give enabled, the message will be received as an email for those folks. However, instead of having any Reply-to-give language in the email, it will simply have a Smart Button that is linked to the specified fund. Members can click the button to be instantly taken to that fund's online giving page and give easily. 👍

Reply-to-Give accidentally? Mistakes happen, so should a giver make a transaction by mistake, they can click the link in the auto-reply to then modify or cancel the transaction easily. The grace window is 5 minutes after a reply is sent, or 15 minutes after the link in the auto-reply text is clicked.

If a mistake is made but not modified or canceled within the grace window, not to worry! They can always contact for a refund. A Happiness Engineer is standing by to help. :)

To enable Reply-to-Give on a text: 

Open up the text version of the Note Composer just like you were sending any other text ( click here if you need a refresher on how to send a text). Then, enable Reply-to-Give on your text by selecting the checkbox that says Reply-to-Give with Fund It!.

You'll want to 1) type out your text message, 2) select the fund you'd like to specify giving to, and 3) include the specified amount (this last part is completely optional). 

  • If you include a suggested amount: members will be asked to reply YES to give and they will be charged the specified amount automatically (like in the picture at the very top of the page ↑). They can still modify the amount or cancel if needed.
  • If you do not include a suggested amount: Members can customize their reply with the dollar amount they would like to give (like in the picture below ↓). They can still modify the amount or cancel if needed.

Please note: the preview message may reflect a different dollar amount and/or card information but this is just sample text so rest assured it will be accurate to the recipient once sent.

How do I monitor Reply-to-Give transactions?

Learn about monitoring all online giving activity here.

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