How do I use the Text Message Note Composer?

An important note: Standard Texts vs SuperTexts

All Flocknote networks (whether you're on a free or paid network) include unlimited standard texts! A standard text is any text without a picture and under 160 characters.

Need to send longer texts or want to include pictures in texts? Introducing (drumroll, please) ... SuperTexting! A SuperText is any text message that is longer than 160 characters (up to 480 characters) OR includes an image OR both! To keep Flocknote church-budget friendly, we offer SuperTexting as an optional add-on featureRead on to learn about sending both types of texts!

To send a text, click on the blue cellphone button.

The text version of the Note Composer will open up. From the dropdown, select the group or person you'd like to send your note to. Friendly tip: You can also click on the group name first and then select the cellphone icon to have it pre-load with the group as the recipient.

The Note Composer will then pre-load with the selected group's short name (example = biblestudy: ) but you can always delete that text if you need to reduce your total character count. Type your message in the field that reads Text your flock here.

You'll find three buttons in the bottom toolbar:

  • Comments: This allows you to turn public comments on or off.
  • Schedule: This allows you to set your note to go out at a later date & time. 
  • Delivery: This tells you how many members will receive this note via text. This also gives you the option to send the note as an email to all those who are not opted in to receive text messages (or who don't have a cell phone number on file). 

The gray "---" button on the bottom right allows you to Save Your Draft and keep working. When you're ready to send your text, you'll click the green Preview button to preview how your note will look when your members receive it. 

On the following page, you'll click the Send It! button (or Schedule It! if you have scheduled your text) and your note will be on its way!

Need to send longer texts or want to include pictures in texts? Watch the short video below! Learn more about enabling or disabling SuperTexts with the article at the bottom of the page. 

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