How do I schedule a note to go out later?

With Flocknote, you can schedule both emails and texts to go out at a later date & time. The following video shows you how this looks when scheduling an email, but the function is the same for scheduling a text. :) 

To compose a note to schedule and send out at a later time and date, simply click on the schedule option and then check the box next to schedule this note.

You'll then want to click on the date, which will pop up with the calendar feature. Click on your desired date to select this date to send your note. Then enter the time by clicking on the time and typing in the specific time you would like to send the note out. Once you do this you'll want to click the preview button in the bottom right corner. If you like the way your note looks and you'll all set, you'll then click the schedule it button in the bottom right corner of the preview view and your note will be scheduled!

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