What Is SuperTexting and how much does it cost?

Introducing (drumroll, please) ... SuperTexting! A SuperText is any text message that is longer than 160 characters (up to 480 characters) OR includes an image OR both! To keep Flocknote church-budget friendly, we offer SuperTexting as an optional add-on feature. SuperTexting credit packages can be purchased and used as needed. And guess what -- the credits never expire! Plus, we start every network off with 100 FREE credits so that you can give it a whirl! 🥳

Rest assured, the standard texts (texts without pictures and under 160 characters) are still unlimited and included as part of your monthly Flocknote pricing.

 Here's how credits work:

A SuperText is any text message that is longer than 160 characters (up to 480 characters) OR includes an image OR both!

1 credit = 1 SuperText sent to 1 person

Don't worry -- we'll show you exactly how many credits will be used before you send out your text. For example, the text message below qualified as a SuperText because it had a picture. While the Youth Ministry had 15 members, only 2 people in the group had cell phone numbers on file and would be sent this message as a text, so it used 2 credits and indicated this in the bottom right-hand corner before sending:

Who is allowed to purchase SuperTexting credits and how are they purchased?

Only billing admins can purchase these credits as credit packages via the billing section and/or the Texting Settings page for the "Everyone" group. 

To buy credits via the billing section:

  • Select the gray "---" icon in the top lefthand corner. 
  • Select Billing from the dropdown. 
  • Scroll to the SuperTexting section and you can select to "Buy SuperTexting" credits (if you do not have any purchased credits). Once there are purchased credits on the network, that button will say "Update SuperTexting Package" instead.

To buy credits via the Texting Settings page for the "Everyone" group.

  • Select the "Everyone" group from the lefthand sidebar.
  • Click the gray cogwheel icon in the top righthand corner. 
  • Select Texting Settings. 
  • You'll then see an option to buy credits/update your credit package. 

P.S. - By default, all Super Admins have billing privileges (those privileges can be removed or assigned to any person as needed, which you can learn more about at the bottom of the page). 

Does each admin need to buy their own credits? Which groups get to use them? 

No, credits are network-wide, so the credits that billing admins purchase are available to use for all admins within groups that the billing admins have enabled SuperTexting for. By default, these are enabled for all groups. Want to enable one group to use them but not another? Simply update the settings for each group to enable or disable them as needed. 

How do I enable/disable SuperTexting?

To enable or disable SuperTexting on a group by group basis:
  • Select the group.
  • Click on the gray cogwheel icon in the top righthand corner. 
  • Select Texting Settings.
  • Either select or deselect the checkbox to indicate if you'd like to enable SuperTexting for that group or not. 

To disable SuperTexting on the entire network:
  • Go to the (---) icon from the lefthand sidebar.
  • Select Billing.
  • Deselect the checkbox that shows "Enable SuperTexting".

How do I oversee all the SuperTexting credit activity on my account?

This is easy! Simply go to the billing section, scroll to the SuperTexting section, and click the green credits button. 

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