What is Text-to-Give?

When Text-to-Give is enabled for an individual fund, you can add a keyword and set a specific dollar amount so that anyone who texts that keyword to the number 84576 can give that dollar amount easily. There is no charge to add a Text-to-Give keyword to funds, and a network can have an unlimited number of these keywords.

  • If they are already a part of your Flocknote network and have a saved payment method on file (they can specify which card they prefer for these Text-to-Give transactions) this will be done automatically (like in the picture above ↑).
  • If they are not yet a part of your Flocknote network and/or they do not have a saved payment method on file, they can still give via this method easily; the reply text will simply include a link they can click to complete the transaction and provide the necessary info. The next time they give, it will be even easier (like in the picture above ↑).

Text-to-Give accidentally? Mistakes happen, so if a giver makes this transaction by mistake, they can click the link in the auto-reply to modify or cancel it easily. The grace window is 5 minutes after the reply text is sent, or 15 minutes if the link is clicked.

If a mistake is made but not modified or canceled within the grace window, not to worry! They can always contact help@flocknote.com for a refund. A Happiness Engineer is standing by to help. :)

To set up Text-to-Give for a fund:

Click on the Giving page from the left-hand sidebar and select the fund you’d like to prompt giving towards. If you want to create a brand new fund, click the green Add Fund button.

Once you’ve selected the fund, click the gray cogwheel icon in the toolbar for that fund. Fund Settings will open on the right. Select the checkbox that says Text to Give to this Fund and then assign a keyword & designated dollar amount. 

The Text-to-Give keyword must be completely unique (from any other keyword on any other network). The minimum designated amount is $2. Rest assured that if a member texts and does not like the auto-charged amount, they will still be able to modify their payment by clicking the link in the reply text.

Repeat this for any funds you’d like to enable Text-to-Give for! Share your Text-to-Give keyword for each fund as needed.

How do I monitor Text-to-Give transactions?

Learn about monitoring all Giving activity here.

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