How to View Deposit Reports

Want to take a closer look at transactions and your deposit records? Now in a few quick steps, you can find and download deposit reports right from your Giving page!

Each time the funds you collect are deposited into your bank account, a Deposit Report will be prepared and you can access those reports for combined deposits or any deposit date, at any time.

Each Deposit Report or Combined Deposit Report contains:

  • The net deposit made on that date or combined dates (total money raised - processing fees)
  • The total amount of processing fees collected within that time frame or since the last deposit
  • Any refunds or disputed transactions within that time frame or since the last deposit

This handy download can be used to reconcile with your accounting software!

Filter and Find Your Deposit Reports:

Navigate to the Giving page and select the Calendar icon to adjust the date range you'd like to view deposit reports for:

Note: Deposit reports will only appear if there was at least one made deposit within that date range.

Once you've selected your date range, select the Deposit Reports tab (located next to Batches):

Don't see Deposit Reports on the right?

  1. Make sure that the date range you have selected in the top left includes a date when a deposit was made.
  2. Try adjusting the zoom settings on your browser window. If your window is too narrow to display Batches and Deposit Reports on the right, you may find both features by scrolling down the the bottom of the page.

Combined Deposit Report

The first item you'll see is a Combined Deposit Report that captures all deposits within the date range you've selected or you can click and download each deposit individually.

Download & View Your Deposit Report:

Click on the date of deposit you'd like to download and your report will download to your computer:

Open and view the downloaded spreadsheet:

The Deposit Report spreadsheet now found in your own computer files will contain three (or four if it is a Combined Deposit Report) important tabs:

  • Funds - This tab will allow you to see the total amount deposited into each fund, as well as all of the fees taken out before the deposit.
  • Transactions - This tab will allow you to see all the individual transactions that make up this deposit, as well as additional information for each transaction.
  • Refunds & Disputes - This tab will show you any refunds or disputes that occurred during this report's timeframe.
  • Deposits - This fourth tab found only in a Combined Deposit Report will comprise a list of all of the deposits (total raised - fees - deposit amount) within the specified time range.

You can download these deposit reports at any time!

How can I change how often our funds are deposited into our bank account?

Your deposits are automatically set to daily, but you can reconcile those multiple deposits through the Combined Deposit Report.

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