Adding Online Giving to Your Flocknote Network

Regardless of whether you are on the Flocknote Starter, or Flocknote Complete plan you can add online giving to your network and start collecting payments - all at no added cost to your Flocknote subscription! If you don't have a Flocknote network yet, you can get started for FREE at

Adding Online Giving

There are multiple ways to add online giving to your Flocknote network.

Log into Flocknote and visit the My Dashboard page. Click the blue Get Started button on the light green splash to be taken to the online giving Dashboard.

If your network has Flocknote Complete, you can add online giving through the Giving tab. From there, your Giving dashboard will appear where you can record gifts and donations. Select Learn more! (at the top right) to be taken to the online giving dashboard.

If your network does not have Flocknote Complete, select the Giving tab on the left-hand sidebar menu. From there, a menu will appear where you can select Learn More under the Easy, secure online giving menu to be taken to the online giving dashboard.

Once on the online giving Dashboard, you can view more details and click the blue Let's get started! button.

You will then be asked to agree to the terms and conditions


During the verification process, you'll need to verify that you are the controller or provide the email address for them. The controller is the only one who will be able to update sensitive account information or upload verification documentation. Please check with your Church business or finance manager to make sure the appropriate person is set as the Controller.  Learn more about the controller HERE.

A friendly heads-up:

To start collecting donations and have access to your funds. You will need to complete the Stax Account Verification. Funds cannot be deposited into your bank until you are fully verified with Stax. Learn how to do that here!

Once you have gone through the verification process, you'll be ready to start collecting donations and receiving funds in your bank account! You can view our intro to online giving video and start testing things out with a sample note.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at A Happiness Engineer is standing by to help. :)

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