Stax Account Verification and Steps

In order to finish your setup for Online & Mobile Giving features you'll need to go through a simple verification process. This process verifies your identity in relation to your Church or Organization so that those deposits go to a verified account. You'll want to ensure that you are the Financial Controller when going through these steps:

You’ll need to have the following information and documents ready to go:

  • Legal address filled out in your network settings (learn more HERE)
    • Please note - the address cannot be a PO box
  • Legal Business Name of your Church or Organization (different from DBA)
  • The year of formation
  • Tax Identification or Employer Identification Number
  • Business Type
  • Website
  • Routing and Account number for the church’s bank account (for deposits)
  • 3 most recent months bank statements or 3 most recent months of processing statements (must be all pages for each month)
  • An estimate of your current donations
    • For extra security and verification of high-volume processing accounts, organizations processing $100,000+ per month will need to provide 2 years of financial statements.
  • Photo of the driver's license of the Financial Controller. 
  • Voided check or signed bank letter
  • IRS exemption proof 
    • IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter, Articles of Incorporation, etc.
  • Verification of your identity and connection to the Church or Organization  as required by the Patriot Act
    • Ownership percentage - anyone owning 25% or more of the organization will need to be included
    • Social Security Number (as required by the Patriot Act, more details below)
    • Date of Birth
    • There will be a soft credit pull on your credit score (this does not affect your credit score). You’ll need to ensure that your Experian Credit Report is unlocked. Here’s a handy guide on how to do that: Unlock your Experian Credit Report Note: Please allow a minimum of 72 hours for your credit to be unlocked to give the team time to complete the verification and underwriting process.  

Why does Stax Payments need my social security number and driver's license?

Stax Payments is required by federal law via the Patriot Act to collect a U.S. Social Security Number before allowing any online transactions by Flocknote users. Stax Payments operates under strict regulations by the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. Flocknote does not have the ability to send funds online without first collecting such required information. Stax Payments securely verifies the identity of each user of the Stax Payments service in order to manage risk and comply with anti-money laundering laws. If you are an individual or sole proprietor, Stax Payments will also use your SSN for any required tax reporting. If you are acting on behalf of a corporation or other organization with an Employer Identification Number (“EIN”), Stax Payments will use the EIN for any required tax reporting instead. Even if you are acting on behalf of an entity with an EIN, Stax Payments requires your SSN so that Stax Payments can verify who you are and that you are authorized to act on behalf of the entity. 

Have your information ready? Let's get started!

From your dashboard, select Get Started from the Set Up Online Giving splash:

From there, you’ll see a little more information about Online & Mobile Giving, including the fees and different features. Select Get Started to be directed over to the Stax Verification Process. From here, you'll need to ensure that either you are the controller or enter the contact information of the controller so they can proceed with the verification steps.

The controller is the only one who will be able to update sensitive account information or upload verification documentation. Please check with your Church business or finance manager to make sure the appropriate person is set as the Controller.

Any information we have on file will automatically be filled out for you. Just fill in those empty fields and continue the process!

Once you're through the initial steps, you'll be directed to the full verification process with Stax. Have your documents on hand to move through this process quickly. Select Continue to begin:

If you need to gather more information, a link will be sent your way so you can come back to complete the process! Once completed, it will be promptly reviewed by the payment processor and you'll receive confirmation once everything is ready to go!

Questions? Happiness Engineers are always happy to help, reach out to us at

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