Working with Funds

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Creating a Fund                      Editing Fund Settings
Rearranging Fund Order         Deleting a Fund

To create a new fund: 

Currently, you'll need to add gifts FIRST before being able to create a new individual fund. However, to save time, you can create multiple funds (and add their respective gifts at the same time) via a giving import or a giving batch. Learn how to do either with the articles at the bottom of the page.

The options below show you how to create an individual fund.

Option 1:
This option will only be available if you've already added any gifts/batches in the past.

1. Go to the Giving page from the lefthand sidebar. 
2. Click the green + Add Fund button. 
3. Fill out the fund details and click the gray Save button. Boom – done!

Option 2:
1. Go to the People page of a group that contains a member you'd like to record a gift/donation for.
2. Click on the name of the member and select the Giving tab of their profile. 
3. Click the green Add a gift button. If you've never added or edited funds, it will default with "General Fund". Highlight it and type over with your new fund name. 
4. Provide the rest of the details, click Save, and the fund will be created with the gift record added.

To edit fund settings:

1. Click on the fund name from the list of funds on the main Giving page to expand that fund's details.
2. Set the color that signifies that fund in graphs/charts by clicking the colored circle and selecting your preferred color.

3. Then, click the grey cogwheel icon from the taskbar.

4. From here, you can edit the fund's name, provide a brief description, and set the tax-deductible status. Please note: funds that are not marked as tax-deductible will be excluded from end-of-year donation summaries.

To rearrange fund orders:

Select the Sort button to sort the order based on name, the amount given, or the number of gifts.

You can also rearrange the default order by dragging and dropping each fund in the list to the spot you prefer.

To delete a fund:

1. Click on the fund name from the list of funds on the main Giving page to expand that fund's details. 
2. Click the grey cogwheel icon from the taskbar. 

3. Click the Delete Fund button. (If the fund has gifts recorded, the system will ask you to transfer those gifts to another fund. Select the fund from the dropdown and then click Delete fund and transfer gifts).

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