The Manage My Giving Page: A One-Stop-Shop for Members to Manage their Financial Contributions

When you have our Online & Mobile Giving features enabled, members can view all of their giving in one easy spot with the Manage My Giving page!

The Manage My Giving Page allows members to:

  • Manage their financial contributions to your organization.
  • Set up and review gifts and pledges*
  • Track recent transactions.
  • Access donor summary reports (EOY Statements for taxes).

All while being tied to the mission of your Church or organization through your church colors, logo, and/or video!

How to set up your Manage My Giving Page:

Navigate to the Giving tab and select the grey settings Cogwheel at the top right:

From there, the Manage My Giving page dashboard will appear:

Customizing your church's Manage My Giving page:

Click to customize the look and feel of your page by adding:

  1. A custom message
  2. An image OR video
    1. Upload an image from your computer
    2. Paste a video link from YouTube or Vimeo
  3. Branded colors (if your Church has specific colors it uses for branding/logo purposes)
    1. Choose an accent color
    2. Choose a background color

Use the checkbox at the bottom of the page to select whether or not to display a member's year-to-date giving amount.

Add Call to Action buttons:

Create easy buttons that inspire your members to take action through the Manage My Giving page. Select the + Add Call to Action option and choose which of the four actions you'd like to add for members to see.

Action button options include:

  • Give to Fund
    • Add a custom button with a message for members to click and give to a fund of your choosing.

  • Message
    • Craft a personal message for your members and include a link (optional) for them to click and visit.

  • Pledge*
    • Encourage members to set up a pledge or give additional gifts to a campaign to help you reach your campaign goal. If a campaign is set up in Flocknote, you can show the campaign graph so members can see how much has been raised so far.

  • Recurring Gift
    • Allow members to set up a recurring gift in a few quick steps. You can inspire members to set up their recurring gift to your regular offertory or for programs at the Church. For example, set up a $2 weekly donation to help cover the costs of coffee and donuts each week.

Example of a Manage My Giving Page with Call to Action buttons:

Click the More Options tab to select:

  • Whether or not a link to the Manage My Giving Page should be included in the footer of notes sent from your church.
  • Which email address will be contacted if members have an issue with a payment/donation.

Preview your Manage My Giving Page:

Select the gray Preview button at the bottom of the setup page to view what your members will see when they visit your giving page.

Sharing the Manage My Giving Page link:

Sharing your public Giving URL on your website, through social media, in your bulletin, or displayed on posters at your church, allows anyone (whether they are part of your Flocknote network or not) to access the page and start giving to your funds.

At the bottom of the Manage My Giving Page Settings you will find:

  • Your unique Giving URL to copy and paste
  • A QR code icon beside the URL you can click to automatically generate a QR code that leads to your Giving page.

You can also link members to the Manage My Giving Page right in your Flocknote communications:

  • Select the Email or Text button at the bottom right of the Manage My Givings Settings page to add a link to an email or text message
  • Use the Smart Button feature to add an eye-catching button to your emails that is connected to each member's Manage My Giving Page
  • Members can also always select the "Make a Donation" link automatically included in the footer of your Flocknote emails to be directed to their Manage My Giving Page

How can my existing donors see their personalized Manage My Giving Page (with their recent gifts, pledges*, and donor summaries?)

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your members to access their giving data, while also keeping it super secure so you can rest assured they are the only ones who can access their data.

When your existing donors visit your Manage My Giving Page via any of the routes listed above, they will see the option to enter their phone number or email to be sent a four-digit code they can enter to view their giving data. Quick and easy!

*Pledges are only available for Flocknote Complete networks who enjoy the benefits of added Giving features like Campaign tracking, Pledges, Batch entry, and more. Learn more here.

If you have any additional questions about the Manage My Giving page or need anything else, you can reach out to us via 🙂

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