What does the Button feature do and how do I use it?

What does the Button feature do? 

You can program a button and include it in your email so that when members click it, they can:

  • Navigate to an external link
  • Join another group
  • Update their profile information
  • Update their notification preferences
  • Unsubscribe from the group

P. S. The text of the button is completely customizable -- just type over the template text. The paintbrush icon in the upper right also allows you to change the color of the button. 

To add a Button: 

Click the pointy finger icon from the toolbar.

Then, select the chain link icon in the upper right of the Button to prompt the popup. If you want to send your members to a direct link, simply paste that link in the text box. 

If you'd like them to do another action, click the ' v ' icon to open another dropdown. With the click of the button, your members can click to join the group you select, update their contact info, update their notification preferences, or unsubscribe.

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