How to use the Signups feature. How your members can register for Sunday attendance.

Need an easy way to register people for Sunday and get a headcount? Or need to know who is bringing the apple pie to a potluck? We have the tool for you! Now you can create, organize, and share simple Signups with a touch of a button. With Signups you can: 

  • Easily export all members who complete a Signup to a spreadsheet
  • Set a party size maximum and a total capacity for your Signup
  • Send your Signup in a Note, or use a public link to share it on social media and your website
  • Duplicate an existing Signup and make edits
  • Automatically add members to a group when they sign up
  • Adjust the privacy of your Signup and more!

  • Watch the video below to learn how to use this tool + how it looks from a member's point of view! 

    How do I add a Signup to my notes?

    If you've completed creating your Signup and want to add it to a new note, open the Signup and click the big green "Add to Email" or "Add to Text" button at the bottom right-hand side of the page: 

    If you've completed creating your Signup and want to add it to an existing email draft you're working on, open up that draft and click the "clipboard" icon to select from the available Signups or create a brand new one from there:

    Who can create, view, and edit Signups?

    A new Signup can be created by any admin (Note Senders, Group Admins, Super Admins). If you're an admin and want to share the Signup amongst fellow admins, select the option to "Share this Signup with other groups in your network." This allows all other admins to view it and make edits. If you do not select this option, it will only be visible and editable by you, the creator. 

    Please note: Note Senders do not have the privileges to see members' contact info, so they cannot manually add members from within your Flocknote network, export Signups to a spreadsheet, or view contact info of the members that have signed up in any way. 

    Why do I need to select what the Signup is for? 

    One of the first options when first creating your Signup is selecting what it's for. This auto-adjusts the verbiage so that it makes the most sense for the type of event you're having. For instance, if you're having a bake sale and want members to sign up to bring certain goodies, signing up for "seats" would be a bit confusing. Instead, "items" would be the best word here so we'll make sure it's reflected that way for your members. 

    Why would I want to make a public link for a Signup? 

    While you can put your Signup directly in a message you send via Flocknote, there may be some people that you want to share the event with that are not yet in your Flocknote network. This is where the public link comes in! Simply copy and paste this link on your social media pages, your church website, or wherever you like! It will be viewable to anyone that clicks on the link and they can sign up easily. In the process, they will automatically be added to your Flocknote network so that you can continue sending them communication, like event reminders and updates. 

    Can I archive or delete a Signup? 

    You sure can! To delete or archive your Signup, open it up, click the icon with 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner, and click "delete" icon to delete the Signup or "archive" to archive the Signup. You can also edit or duplicate your Signup here as well!

    Once you archive a Signup, you'll see the option in your list of all Signups to view either Active or Archived Signups.

    🎉 Our newest Signup feature makes your life so. much. easier. 

    Now, you can link a Signup to a group. This means that when folks utilize your Signup (whether it's to respond to a poll, sign up for Sunday Mass or service, volunteer to an event, etc.) they can automatically be added to a group. To do this, simply click "Create linked groups" on the right-hand side of the Signup. The system will then create a top-level group for the name of the Signup, and subgroups for each item on the Signup. Isn't that handy?!

    Additionally, you can choose a specific Signup item (as opposed to the entire Signup) and link just that item/slot to an existing group. To do this, click on the 3 dot icon next to the item within the Signup, followed by Link to a group. Then, you can select your group and viola! 

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