How to Use the Signups Feature

Need to know how many folks are coming to Church on Sunday, track who is bringing what to the parish potluck, or take a quick poll on where your next retreat should be? We’ve got you covered with our fully customizable Signups tool.

All of your existing and new Signups now have the option to collect payments so that your members can register and pay all in one place! Learn how to collect money directly on a Signup with Flocknote Fund It.

Getting Started

Create a new Signup by clicking on the Signups tab on the left-hand side panel. Select the blue Create a new Signup button and start building your Signup from there.

Next, you will need to decide what type of Signup you would like to create. No matter what info you need to collect, we've got you covered! Choose between these 5 options: General Event, Tickets or Seats, Simple Selection/Poll, Items or Volunteers Scheduling. Not sure which Signup type will work best for you? Check out the descriptions in the screenshot below or reach out to us at

Next, click in the text box under "Signup Title" to type in a name for your Signup. Once you have picked the perfect title, click Let's Go to continue the setup process.

How to add items to your Signup

You can add multiple items/options to your Signup in just a few clicks!

  1. Type in a title for your first item/option.
  2. Set the max slots per item (the maximum number any individual can claim for this particular slot.)
  3. Add the total available slots (the total number of slots allocated for this item. When this many have been claimed this slot will no longer be available as a selection for members signing up.)

Once you have made all the necessary adjustments for that item, click Add Item.

Repeat this process as many times as you need by selecting Add another Item. Once your last item has been added, select I'm Done.

Flocknote People: Churches that have Flocknote People enabled can now collect additional information about their members right from a Signup! Whether you want to know your retreat registrants' shirt sizes or your volunteer's birthday, we've got you covered with Custom Signup Fields. Click here to learn more.

Customizing your Signup

There are several other settings you can modify and customize on your Signup. To review these settings, select the Signup Options tab.

*Note: Signups have the "Show confetti when a member completes a Signup" option selected by default. If you have created a Signup where you do not what confetti to be shown, be sure to deselect this box.

Privacy Settings

Signups are public and shared with other groups/admins on your network by default. To disable either of these features, be sure to uncheck both boxes under the Privacy section. Check out the image below for more details about these options.

What will my members see?

When opening up a Signup from a Flocknote email/text or by visiting the Signup's unique URL, members will see a list of all of the items on that Signup. To sign up for a spot members will simply select the item(s) they want to sign up for, add others to their reservation if applicable, and then click the green Sign Me Up / Sign Us Up button to submit their selection. Just like that, they are all set. 👍

Tracking respondents 

Admins can easily track respondents by returning to the Signup page. On your Flocknote network, click Signups in the dark, lefthand menu, then click the name of the Signup you are looking for.

  1. Click the Items tab
  2. Select the item that you would like to see the respondents for.
  3. Click the Respondents tab in the far right column.

This will show a list of all of the members that have Signed up for that particular item so far.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions about how Signups can best fit your needs, please reach out to us at – we love brainstorming with you! 😃

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