How do I archive, edit, delete, or duplicate a Signup?

Flocknote makes it easy to manage your Signups! Select Signups from the dashboard toolbar and then select the Signup that you would like to archive, edit, delete, or duplicate.

Next, select Signup Options from the top menu and scroll down a bit until you see the options to Duplicate, Archive, and Delete.

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Editing your existing Signups

You can also easily manage the items and responses on your Signup! Select the item you would like to update, and then select info or respondents. You can sign a member up for that item by hand, link that item to a group, add the members that have already responded to an existing group on your network, view any cancelations, or rearrange your items by clicking and dragging the up and down arrows. It's as easy as that! 

If you have any questions, please contact your Happiness Engineers at 🙂

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