How do I close a Signup to stop people from registering?

Flocknote's Signup feature allows you to close your Signup so that members can no longer sign up after a certain date and time. 

To set a close date and time for a Signup, click on the Signups module on the left-hand sidebar and then select the Signup that you would like to close. Then, select the Signup Options tab near the top of the screen.

Next, check the Automatically close this Signup at a certain time box. This will allow you to choose a particular close date and time from the calendar drop-down. Click outside the calendar screen to save your selection. To close your Signup immediately you can always select the current date and the closest time.

What will my members see once the Signup has closed? 

Once the close date for your Signup has passed you and your members will see a yellow This signup has closed banner.

Can I reopen a closed Signup? 

Once a Signup is closed it can be reopened at any time by removing the check from the Automatically close this Signup at a certain time box -easy peasy!

To learn more about how to archive Signup entirely, check out the article at the bottom of the page!

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