How do I share a Signup with someone outside of my Flocknote network? (Social media, church website, etc.)

Did you know you can easily share a Signup with someone outside of your Flocknote network? Whether it's through social media or your church website, we have a super handy way to share your Signup!

Why would I want a public link for a Signup? 

This is a great way to reach those people who are not yet on your Flocknote account. You can get them signed up for your events and registered for Flocknote at the same time!

Each Signup you create has a unique public URL that you can share with people who aren't yet part of your Flocknote account.

How do I find the public link for my Signup?

The public link will appear at the bottom of the screen for all existing Signups. When creating a Signup from scratch, the link will appear as soon as you add your first item. Click the copy icon (two squares) to copy and paste this link on your social media pages, your church website, or wherever you like! It will be viewable to anyone that clicks on the link and they can sign up super easily. In the process, they will automatically be added to your Flocknote account so that you can continue sending them communication, like event reminders and updates. How cool is that?!

Please note: Only members that sign up (but are not yet in your network) will be added to your network. If a member is already in your network and uses the public link, the system will automatically recognize their contact information and will not duplicate them. If a brand new person signs up but then also adds additional names/guests, only the name and contact info of the person signing up will be added to your network.

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