How do I create a custom profile field?

Flocknote Complete

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With Flocknote Complete, you can create an unlimited number of custom profile fields. What is a custom profile field, you ask? It's a way for you to basically gather any type of info from your members and record it within Flocknote. Think birthdays, shirt sizes, baptismal dates, wedding anniversaries, sacramental records, etc. The possibilities are endless!

To manage your custom fields...

1. Click on the group name on the left-hand side of the page, followed by the grey cogwheel in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on Profile Fields.

2. From here, you can choose an icon, field title, and adjust the settings for who can view and edit the field. Then, click Save in the lower right-hand corner and you're set!

When your members sign up to join your group, your custom fields will be on the sign-up form, right after they are prompted to enter their name and contact info. Then, you can view the custom fields and edit them on the info tab within a member's profile.

Share profile field data within a household

You can set specific profile fields to automatically share between spouses or everyone in the household! You can find this setting by clicking on the settings cogwheel at the top right of any group's page, and then clicking on one of the profile fields for that group.

Within a Household - If Johnny Appleseed's address is set to 1234 Uno Lane, but the rest of the Appleseed household members have blank address fields, selecting this option will update all of Johnny's household to have the address 1234 Uno Lane. In the future, if the Appleseeds move to 5678 Church Street, you will only have to update one of the members of the household and all of the other member's address fields will automatically update to the new address as well.

Between Spouses - Ricky and Lucy Ricardo share a wedding anniversary date, of course. With the Between Spouses option selected for the Anniversary (and Ricky and Lucy are marked as Spouses) any update to the Anniversary field for one of them would automatically update the same field for the other. If the anniversary had only been listed for one of the two at the time when you selected this option, it would instantly be added to the other.

While selecting either option will automatically update any blank member data for that field, it will not overwrite existing data. For example, if Johnny Appleseed has a particular address listed, but his son is listed with a different address, Johnny Appleseed's address will not overwrite his son's existing address.

Note: This feature is only available for applicable fields. For example, Gender or Baptism Date would not be able to be automatically shared across members of a household.

See Custom Profile Fields used throughout your network

Now you can see which groups in your network are using the same profile field.

When adding a new profile field like Class Year, for example, you can scroll down on the menu to view the other groups where Class Year is included.

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