Proxy Contacts - Setting a Parent Contact for a Child

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Proxy Contacts 🎉

You can easily designate one member as another member's proxy. This means that you can choose to have one member receive notes on behalf of another!

This is especially helpful for those younger teens and children in your network who might not have contact information but are still part of your various groups. Now, you can designate their parents (or any other member) as their proxy, so they can receive all those important emails and texts on their behalf. How cool is that?! 😎

Please note: If the child DOES have contact info on file, then both the child and their proxies will receive any note sent to the child. If the child DOES NOT have contact info on file, then only the proxies will receive those notes. For instance, in the example above, you'll see that Pebbles does not have contact info on file so she cannot receive notes; instead, her proxies (Fred and Wilma) will each receive notes on her behalf (for the groups that Pebbles is a member of).

Setting Up Proxy Contacts

Our system is pretty smart, so when adding a child to a household, you will automatically be given the option to make their parent a proxy contact. Now, the parent will receive all notes from the groups their child is in! 

You can even set up more than one person as a proxy contact. Simply hover over the member's icon from within their household and click the household settings icon, then select Manage Proxy Contacts

From there, you can add another member of their household, or the email address of another person, as their proxy contact. Easy peasy! 🍋

Setting up Proxy Contacts through Family Registration

Parents/Guardians can now set up proxy contacts when they add family members through registration. After adding a child, they will automatically be made that child's proxy contact. Parents have the option to add contact information for their child if applicable as well as uncheck a box if they do not wish to be listed as a proxy contact.

For more details on how parents can set up Proxy Contacts, check out this member guide: What is a Proxy Contact?

Groups and Notes

When viewing the profile of a proxy contact, you can see all the groups the member will receive notes from on behalf of their child. Their notifications can be adjusted just like normal!

You might be wondering if a parent can be in a group with a child for which they are already a proxy contact and the answer is YES! You can view this on the Groups tab of the member's profile. When a parent is in a group with a child for which they are a proxy contact, the parent will only receive the note one time. Pretty snazzy, eh?

If you're a proxy contact, you'll know when you're receiving a note on behalf of someone else. At the top of the note, you'll see a little banner letting you know!

Proxy contacts are an awesome way to make sure no one in your community is left behind! Now, you can ensure that all the teens and children who are in your groups and registered for your events are able to receive your important notes and updates, all in a way that maintains safe environment compliance!

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