Flocknote Complete Launch Steps

Follow these simple steps to jumpstart your existing Flocknote network 

with Flocknote Complete (formerly Flocknote People) and start supercharging your communications today!

👋 Get Started

🙂 Smarter Member-Management

  • Decide what information you want (and actually need) to track for your members.
    • Consider what information from your current database you would like to continue tracking.
    • Brainstorm any new information you would like to begin tracking going forward.
  • Create custom profile fields for each piece of information you want to import and track moving forward.
  • Set up Family & Visitor Registration for new members to connect to your Church.
  • Gather your existing membership data and export it as a spreadsheet or CSV.
    • The key to a successful import is formatting your spreadsheet properly. 
    • Be sure to include member IDs, family IDs, and envelope numbers!
  • Import your newly-formatted spreadsheet! Boom – done!

✔️ Donation & Giving Tracking Made Easy

  • If you have someone at your church that is in charge of tracking giving and billing, make sure to add them to your network and give them the necessary privileges
  • Decide if you want to move over historical giving data or if you are moving mid-year.
  • Use the Giving Tracking page to maintain a high-level view of your church's giving records.

⚡️ Supercharge Your Communications

CLICK HERE to download these steps as a linked PDF!

Questions? Visit our Help Center or email your friendly Happiness Engineers at help@flocknote.com.

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