What is Intelligent Info Gathering?

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One BIG factor that sets Flocknote Complete apart from other member management tools is that your data gets better with time, not worse. Intelligent Info Gathering (IIG) is one way we can ensure your data keeps getting better and better! You can search the world, and you'll only find IIG with Flocknote Complete! 🌎

Okay, so what exactly does IIG do?

In a nutshell, IIG will ask your members to confirm their info in the footer of emails you send through Flocknote to ensure the information you have on file is up-to-date. You just have to sit back and relax and allow the system to gather this information for you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 🍋

IIG is turned on by default for any profile fields you add to your network or group. Basically, the system will periodically ask your members to confirm their info is up-to-date. Here's what it looks like:

How often will my members see this?

We do not want this feature to feel intrusive whatsoever, so we've put some precautions in place to make sure your members don't feel pestered. They will only be asked to confirm info once every few months. Plus, our system is so smart that it will even identify sensitive words/notes, and we won't ask members to update their info if the system finds that the note may be sensitive (i.e. a funeral announcement or tragedy, etc.)

What if I don't want to use this feature?

To disable a particular profile field from being included, de-select these options (pictured below) when creating the profile field. The first checkbox refers to when the profile field has not yet been filled out by the member. The second checkbox refers to keeping the field updated periodically after the member has filled it out initially. Learn more about customizing profile fields with the article at the bottom of the page.

You can also disable IIG on a note-by-note basis. After composing your email, simply click the Delivery button and de-select the "Intelligent Info Gathering" option.

Please note: Like all of your member information in Flocknote, the information you gather and store in your network is solely for the use of your church or organization. We will never, ever sell or share any information gathered in Flocknote. You can read more by check out our full privacy policy at flocknote.com/privacy.

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