How do I record gifts/donations?

Flocknote Complete

This guide showcases features available only for those subscribed to our all-in-one software solution, Flocknote Complete (formerly Flocknote People.) If you would like to learn more about these exciting features, click HERE. 🎉

Please note, that networks with our Flocknote Starter package and online giving enabled, but not Flocknote Complete, are unable to manually record gifts/donations as shown in this guide. Networks with Flocknote Complete which have online giving enabled can record gifts manually and collect payments directly through Flocknote. Learn more about collecting payments with our Online Giving feature here. 


Add Gifts in Batches

Import Gifts via Spreadsheet

Edit or Delete a Batch

Splitting Transactions

To add or review gifts in bulk, start on the main Giving Tracking page.

Add Gifts in Batches

While you can add gifts via the Giving tab of individual member profiles, you can add gifts in bulk batches on this main page (see pic above). 

  • Click the green Record Gifts button in the top right-hand corner. 
  • Select the date by clicking the Calendar icon.
  • If any of the gifts in the Batch fulfill a pledge, select the box next to Apply any applicable gifts toward member's pledges.
  • Enter a special memo (optional) for the particular batch you are starting and click the blue Enter a Batch button. 

  • Once on the input page, type in the various boxes to add info. You can input by envelope # or locate specific member profiles by typing out their names until a dropdown appears.

  • Select the Fund you would like to designate each gift for. Click Add another fund to select another fund to designate this gift for. You can designate up to five different funds per gift.

  • Enter the amount for each designated fund and click the Caret "v" icon to open the dropdown and select which payment method was used. 

  • Make sure to click the green Save button after each input and then the green Complete button when done with your batch. 

Import Gifts via a Spreadsheet 

  • Click the green Add Gifts button in the top left-hand corner and select the Import a File button.

  • From there, simply upload the file (in CSV or XLS format) from your computer (see example below). Please note that the only columns needed are envelope number, fund designation, and the dollar amount given. You can also have a column for payment type and specific dates. You can also set it as one date by adjusting the Batch Date (see picture above). 

We recommend formatting your spreadsheet like this:

If you've already added envelope numbers to all members' profiles that you're importing gifts for, your spreadsheet can look like this: 

🚨IMPORTANT NOTE: Giving data is recognized by envelope number. If you have not added envelope numbers to member profiles, you will need to format your spreadsheet with an envelope number column + an email address column to identify the number and tell the system to add that envelope number to their profile. If you import data for an envelope number that does not yet exist in your network and you do not include an email address to attach it to, the data will not be added to a profile until that specific envelope number has been assigned. Once it's assigned, all historical imports with that envelope number will be added to that specific member's profile or household at that time.

Edit or Delete a Batch

We all make mistakes! We've made it so you can easily edit the date of a batch, add more gifts to a batch, or delete a batch altogether.

Simply open the batch you would like to edit. From there, you can click the Calendar icon to edit the date, the Plus Sign to add a new gift, or the Trash Can icon to delete the entire batch.

Please note: Only the batch creator can edit the date of a batch. The date of imported batches cannot be edited.

Splitting Transactions

When adding individual gifts from a member's profile, you can easily designate multiple funds for a single gift. 

After opening the member's profile, select the Giving tab and click the green Add a gift button. From there, click Add another fund to select up to five different fund designations. Enter the amounts and click Save!

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