How do I send receipts to members for their donations / gifts?

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This article showcases some features available only for those subscribed to our all-in-one software solution, Flocknote Complete and/or those using our secure payment processing for church fundraising & giving. Learn more about these powerful tools here!

How do I send receipts for payments made via Flocknote?

Flocknote now offers fast, easy, and secure payment processing with our online giving tool that's built into the Flocknote software you know and love. To make things easy, donors will automatically be sent receipts for their donations. We will default to sending receipts via email but if they only supply their phone number (or only have a phone number on their existing profile), then we will text them the receipt. Learn more about donor receipts

How do I send receipts for payments not made via Flocknote:

If you have our all-in-one solution, Flocknote Complete, you can also record donations made via an alternative online giving tool or via cash, check, etc. When recording donations, you have the option to send receipts to the donors. 😎 Please note: If you're not sure how to record a donation/gift, check out the article at the bottom of the page for more details and return back here to learn about receipts.

Email receipts include the dollar amount, fund(s) assigned, network name, date, and any memos added.

Who receives these email receipts? 

If a member is in a household, the receipts will be emailed to the Heads of Household (if there are several, each Head will receive an email). If the member is not in any household, they will receive the receipt directly. 

To email a receipt when recording an individual gift:
  1. Go to the Giving tab of a member's profile and select the Record a gift green button.
  2. Fill out the info you need and be sure to select the Send an email receipt box.
  3. Click Save and we'll handle the rest! 

To email a receipt when adding a batch of gifts: 
  1. Go to the Giving page from the lefthand sidebar. 
  2. Click the Record gifts button in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Click the blue Enter a batch button.  
  4. Create your batch and then click the green Complete button. This will prompt a popup that allows you to select Email heads of household gift receipts.  
  5. Click All Done and we'll handle the rest!

To email a receipt when importing a spreadsheet of gifts: 
  1. Go to the Giving page from the lefthand sidebar. 
  2. Click the Record gifts button in the top righthand corner.
  3. Click the gray Import a file button.  
  4. Import your spreadsheet and use the top row to label what each column represents.  
  5. Be sure to select the Email heads of households gift receipts checkbox.  
  6. Click the green Import button and you're done!  

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