How do I import historical giving data? Can I transfer mid-year?

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Whether you're starting fresh for the new year or transferring historical giving data into Flocknote mid-year, we make it super simple with several ways to move your data over. This help guide explains how to import spreadsheets full of giving data when you need to add lots of donations/gifts at once.  To learn how to add donations/gifts one at a time or in small batches, check out the article at the bottom of the page. 

To import gifts in bulk via a spreadsheet:

1. Go to the main Giving page from the lefthand sidebar. 
2. Click the green  Add Gifts button in the top left-hand corner. 

3. Click the gray Import a File button. 

4. From there, simply upload the file ( in CSV or XLS format) from your computer (see example below). Please note that the only columns needed are envelope number, fund designation, and the dollar amount given. You can also have a column for payment type and specific dates. You can also set it as one date by adjusting the Batch Date (see picture above).

We recommend formatting your spreadsheet like this:

If you've already added envelope numbers to all members' profiles 
that you're importing gifts for, your spreadsheet can look like this: 

🚨IMPORTANT NOTE: Giving data is recognized by envelope number. If you have not added envelope numbers to member profiles, you will need to format your spreadsheet with an envelope number column + an email address column to identify the number and tell the system to add that envelope number to their profile. If you import data for an envelope number that does not yet exist in your network and you do not include an email address to attach it to, the data will not be added to a profile until that specific envelope number has been assigned. Once it's assigned, all historical imports with that envelope number will be added to that specific member's profile or household at that time.

For a more comprehensive demo of Flocknote People Giving features, check out this video:

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