Working with Households

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We'll import your households for free! Get started here. If you'd like to do it yourself or want to learn how members can work with households, watch this short video and read on for more details.

There are several ways admins and/or members can create household groupings. Let's start with a few options for Flocknote Admins.

How Admins create and manage households

1) Create/update households one at a time:

  1. Select a group that contains the household. If you are a Super Admin, it's best to do this from the "Everyone" group which contains all your members.
  2. Go to the People page. 
  3. Select a member and click the Create a household button in the top right-hand corner.  

Friendly tip: Because the system will auto-assign the profile you're starting on as the "Head of Household", we recommend starting with the actual member you would like to assign as the "Head", and building the household from there. However, you can create a household and make adjustments via any profile. To learn how to adjust Heads of Household, check out the article at the bottom of the page! ↓

When adding members to a household, we'll show you some suggestions we think may be related, and you can click to add them. Not suggesting the member you're looking for? No worries -- simply search for existing members via the white search bar. If you are still unable to find them, it's possible they are not in the network yet and you can add them by clicking the green Add a new member button. 

After you've added a member, it will ask you to specify the member's relationship

If you have more than 2 members added to the household, you will also be asked to specify the relationship between all others in the household. You can select from the dropdown options to change the ones that are pre-filled and make sure they are correct: 

You can adjust the relationships and remove members from households at any time by hovering over the image and clicking the settings icon. 

2) Import households in bulk

You can organize and bulk import households by an External Household ID that you assign. When importing, please be sure to note this ID # as a separate column. The "head of household" defaults to whoever is on the spreadsheet first for each household. For example, Ricky, Fred, and Carolyn would be the heads of their households based on the spreadsheet below

Just a friendly reminder: when you're ready to actually import, please be sure to line up the columns with the correct titles. For example, you'll want to select External Household ID in the dropdown for that particular column. For more info on the importing process, check out the articles at the bottom of the page. 

How members adjust their own household data

With our Family & Visitor Registration feature, members can now sign themselves and their whole family up for Flocknote by following a few simple prompts. To learn more about this feature click here.

2) Create a household when joining via your network's Text-to-Join Keyword or unique URL

After members finish signing up themselves (via your Text-to-Join or your network's unique URL), they will also be prompted to add family members. They will be taken to their newly-created profile and can start adding more household members.

3) Creating a household when filling out a Signup (event registration, volunteering, etc.)

When an admin shares a Signup form, whether that's via the shareable link or embedded within a Flocknote message, members can easily register to attend an event and add members to their household in one fell swoop! If they are bringing along friends, for example, they can also opt to sign up for that particular event without adding them to their household.

Members can always update their households via their profiles at any time without having to create a login! They can click the my info link at the bottom of any email to be taken to their profiles.

Please note: Super Admins have the option to allow or not allow regular members to add other people to their household when they signup via URL or Text-To-Join. If you'd like to turn this option on or off, select the (---) icon from the main menu on the top left-hand side of your screen. Then select Security from the dropdown. 

Have more questions about how to group your members into households? Reach out to our team anytime at

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