How to Help Your Members Register: Vanity URLs and Text-to-Join

As a Super Admin or Group Admin, you can add members to the network on your end (learn how by viewing the help guides at the bottom of the page). However, the great thing about Flocknote is that your members have 2 easy ways to join your network on their own and pick the groups they want to hear from without ever having to create a password. This eliminates a lot of work for you and ensures your members' info is up-to-date. Amen to that! 🙌


Vanity URL →  Example = 

Each network on Flocknote has a unique URL that members can type in their browsers (both desktop or mobile). This URL is set up automatically when your network is created, but you can view/edit it at any time. When members visit it, they'll simply click "Sign Me Up" and be guided through the quick-and-simple signup process. 


Text-to-Join →   Example = Text "HOLYCROSS45" to 84576

A Text-to-Join (TTJ) keyword is another way for people to join your church or organization from their smartphones. It's a unique word specific to your church or organization that members would then text message to the number 84576 (in the US).  

CLICK HERE for the full info on the Text-to-Join process, how to set it up, and what numbers to use for Spanish or in Canada. 

Where do I find my vanity URL and Text-to-Join keyword? 

If you are a Super Admin, you can view/edit these via the main settings pages, found by clicking on the "Everyone" group from the lefthand sidebar, and then clicking the gray "cogwheel" icon in the top righthand corner.

Click Group Settings to access the vanity URL. 

Click Texting Settings to access the Text-to-Join keyword. 

An important note: This settings page for the "Everyone" group (in the image above) is where you'll find the vanity URL and text-to-join keyword for your entire network, which is the main info you'll want to share with members to help them join. When in doubt, share this info! 

However, if you want to have your members join your network + automatically be joined to a particular group, you can share that specific group's unique URL and Text-to-Join keyword (if it has one assigned). Both Super Admins and Group Admins (for groups they are an admin of) can access this by clicking on the name of the group and then clicking on the gray "cogwheel" icon to access that group's settings page.

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