How to Help your Members Register: Vanity URLs and Text-to-Join

One of the best parts about Flocknote is that your members can register themselves for your network. Using a vanity URL or a Text-to-Join keyword, your members can join your network, pick the groups they want to hear from, and be on their way (all without needing to create a password)!


Your church or organization's "Vanity URL" is a unique link specific to your church or organization through which people can join your Flocknote page. It's set automatically when your network is created, but you can change it at any time.

(NOTE: Each group within a church or organization also contains it's own unique URL suffix - you can find out more information about adjusting a specific group's URL by clicking here.)


A text-to-join (TTJ) keyword is another way for people to join your church or organization on Flocknote. It's a unique word specific to your church or organization that members would then text message to the number 84576 (in the US). Alternately, members can text your keyword to the following numbers...

  • Canada - 514-900-0130
  • U.S Spanish Speakers - 202-765-3441

You can also set up text-to-join keywords for specific groups within your church or organization (see below for more information on setting up text-to-join for specific groups). 


To create, edit, or change your vanity URL or text-to-join keyword, click on Settings inside of the More Menu (only Super Admins will see this option in their More Menu).

Vanity URL

The vanity URL can be found toward the bottom of the 'Settings' popup directly under the embed-able sign up form code. To edit it, you actually adjust the text URL field that is listed toward the top of the Settings popup directly under your church or organization name - delete the current URL text and type in your new desired URL, then click "Save."

To then share it with your members, add the new URL text you just created to the beginning of "" and you'll be set to go! (Example:

TTJ Keyword

Your TTJ keyword can be set and/or changed in the field marked "TTJ Keyword." (If you are looking to set up a group-specific TTJ keyword, you can do so by adjusting the settings for that specific group. To set up a Text-to-Join keyword for a specific group, first click the specific group from the list of groups in the left-hand column. Then, select the Group Settings button (it looks like a cog wheel) in the top right corner of the page.)

NOTE: If you receive an error message saying "Oops! This keyword is already taken." it means that keyword is in use by another church or organization and you'd need to choose a different keyword.

Additional Information on TTJ Keywords

  • Text-to-join keywords are limited to 16 characters, are not case-sensitive, can only contain letters and numbers, and must have no spaces or punctuation. 
  • Each church or organization on Flocknote is given one TTJ keyword for free. Each additional TTJ keyword is $4/month. 
  • If you wish to move a TTJ keyword from one group to another group, simply: 1) open the group settings for the group it is currently attached to; 2) delete the TTJ keyword from the Group Settings and click "Save"; 3) open the group settings for the new group you want to add the TTJ keyword to; and 4) type the TTJ keyword in the white "TTJ Keyword" box and click "Save."

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