What is Text to Join?

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Text-to-Join allows a person to subscribe to one of your Groups by sending a simple text message from their phone.

How text-to-join works:

  1. You reserve a keyword for your Church or Organization. Ex. "HOLYCROSS"
  2. Then you can assign the keyword(s) to whichever Group you'd like. (for example, "Holy Spirit Youth Group")
  3. At your next big gathering, or after Mass, or Church, ask everyone to pull out their cell phones and text your keyword to our short code 84576. Ex. "Text HOLYCROSS to 84576" 
    1. NOTE: Spanish speakers can text 202-765-3441 (instead of 84576) using the same keyword to register in Spanish. If you are in Canada the number is 514-900-0130 instead of 84576.
  4. That will automatically subscribe the member to your Group to receive text message updates anytime you send a note. 
  5. Flocknote will also text message each person back asking them to REPLY with their email address OR click the link that is included in the reply text to fill out their info online, right from their smart phone.
  6. When the person texts back with their email address, or submits it online, Flocknote will capture their email address for you, along with their name. The member then will have a chance to quickly subscribe to any/all of your other Groups (i.e. ministries, small groups, etc. in your network).

Quick. Simple. And it works.

Are there any costs associated with text-to-join?

Each Church or Organization using Flocknote gets one free keyword. This keyword is connected to one Group. If you'd like to have additional keywords to use for your other groups, they are $4/month for each additional keyword. You are free to add and remove keywords at any time.

There are no premium charges for subscribing to any Groups on Flocknote or for receiving updates from them, however message and data rates may apply (in other words, charges are dependent on your service plan which may include fees from your carrier to send and receive text messages). The full terms of service can be found at  flocknote.com/txt

Important Note:

When advertising your church's text-to-join keyword online or in print, the following verbiage must also be included:

Text STOP to 84576 to stop txt notifications at any time. Text HELP for help. There is no charge for this service, but your carrier message and data rates may apply. View privacy policy & terms at flocknote.com/txt.

BONUS: Here's a video of how text-to-join looks in action!

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