Text-to-Join: What is it and how do I set it up?

Quick. Simple. And it works. 

With Text-to-Join, you can select a unique keyword that your members can text in to instantly be added to your network. You can also include a 'call to action prompting them to provide their full contact info and choose more groups to join. This is the best way to efficiently gather your members' contact info and allow your members to get connected to your church or organization. Watch the short VIDEO below to see this in action from your members' point of view!

How do I set it up? 

  1. Click on your desired group from the lefthand sidebar.
  2. Click the gray cogwheel in the top right corner.
  3. Select Texting Settings.
  4. Type a keyword in the field labeled Text-to-Join Keyword (ex. HOLYCROSS1) 
  5. Click Save. Now when the member texts that keyword to 84576, they will automatically be added to your network and receive that group's notes going forward. 

You can review all the text-to-join keywords active in your network (as well as the groups they are assigned to) via the billing section. Add or remove keywords by using the steps above but removing the keyword and clicking the green Save button.

What number do members text the keyword to?

For English  --- 84576  

For Spanish --- 202-765-3441

In Canada --- 514-900-0130

Should I include the call to action and the welcome TTJ message?

When setting up your keyword, you'll notice an area to OPT IN to a call to action and to type in your own welcome TTJ message. 

  • If you do not include either, members will just receive a 'Thx for connecting with Holy Cross Church' message. 
  • If you include the call to action, members will be sent a link to complete signup, join more groups, and add their full contact info. They can also reply with their email address (an option for those without smartphones). 
  • If you include a welcome message, this will be instantly texted to each member that uses that keyword. 

How much does it cost?

  • Each Flocknote Starter network gets ONE FREE keyword connected to one group at a time.
  • Flocknote Complete networks get FIVE FREE keywords connected to one group at a time.
  • Each additional keyword is $5 per month per keyword. 
  • Keywords can be added, removed, and switched from one group to another at any time. To monitor all keywords on the account, check the billing section (available for admins with billing privileges). 

Please note: Flocknote does not charge your members to receive or reply to texts. However, standard message and data rates from a member's cell carrier may apply. For the full terms of service, click HERE!

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