Member Resource: How do I use text-to-join?

This help guide is for regular members without admin privileges. If you are an admin, feel free to share this with members when needed. 👍

Text-to-Join is a quick and easy way to get registered with your church by texting in a unique keyword from your phone. To see this in action, check out the video below. Please note that you will want to use the unique keyword provided by your church staff. 

If you're having a little trouble, here are some things to double-check:

  • Does your phone and carrier plan allow you to send and receive text messages?
  • Did you type the right keyword? Make sure the keyword doesn't have a space. Also, auto-correct sometimes changes what you type in and might be adding spaces or changing letters.
  • Did you type in the right phone number?
    • US - 84576
    • Canada - 514-900-0130
    • U.S Spanish Speakers - 202-765-3441
  • Did you put the shortcode (one of the numbers above) in as the phone number and then the keyword in the body of the text?
  • Did you receive an error stating that 'shortcode texting is blocked'? You might need to use 202-517-9432 instead of 84576.

Still stuck? Contact our Happiness Engineers at and they can check on things for you :)

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