Open, Closed, & Hidden Groups

Within your Flocknote network, Super Admins can create various groups. This allows you to send targeted messages to specific groups of people without overloading every single member with messages that aren't necessarily relevant to them.  Flocknote has 3 types of groups: open, closed, and hidden. Please continue reading to learn about each group and how to create them. If you're wanting to rearrange, delete, or add subgroups to groups, check out the articles at the bottom of the page.

Open Groups

By default, all new groups are open. Anyone who uses text-to-join or visits your church's unique URL will see these groups during sign-up and can join them on their own without approval. 

Closed Groups

A closed group requires an admin's approval for a member to join. Anyone who uses text-to-join or visits your church's unique URL will see closed groups during signup but must request approval before being added to the group. A notification will be sent to an admin to approve or decline their request. Notes in a closed group are only visible to members who have been approved to the group by an admin.

Hidden Groups

Only a Super Admin or the Group Admin for that particular group can add a member to a hidden group. Members will not be able to request to join this group (neither via text-to-join nor via your church's unique URL). If you are part of a hidden group and log into Flocknote, an eye icon will appear next to the name to indicate that it is hidden and you can review all the notes sent within that group. 

To create a new group:

Scroll to the very bottom of the list of groups on the lefthand sidebar. Click Manage Groups. Then, click the blue New Group button within the gray Manage your groups pane that pops out. You can then name the group and adjust the settings to be open, closed, or hidden. 

To edit an existing group:

1. Select the group from the lefthand sidebar.

2. Click on the grey cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner and then click Group Settings.

3. In the popup that appears, you then have the option to adjust the group to open, closed, or hidden. If you aren't sure what some of the other settings in this popup control, check out this help article that discusses each field of the settings in detail.

4. Your selection will be saved automatically and you can close the window once your selections have been made. 

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